Saturday, October 18, 2008

ER- Goodbye Abby

As a follow-up to my previous "TV Junkie" blog, I wrote a blog as I watched this week's episode of ER- Abby Lockhart's final show. I'd forgotten that it was her last one until about 10 minutes before it started. I totally got bummed out, because she is my favorite! So as I watched the episode, I jotted down notes that I knew I'd want to blog about later. Forgive the random-ness. It's very stream-of-thought writing. Shall we begin:

I'm afraid I'm gonna sob through this entire episode.

It's so sad to watch her admit it to Neela that she's leaving. I don't blame Neela for being upset she didn't know earlier! They're like best friends and have leaned on each other since med school, through all their tough and crazy times.

"Am I being Punk'd?" HAHAHA! Favorite line of the night.

I think Angela Bassett will be an interesting addition to the show. I watched her as the boss on Alias, and at first the characters seem similar. But there's been some hinting about more to her character. I hope so.

I can't believe Abby is leaving! She's been my favorite character for such a long time. Even though she maddens me at times, I still love her. She's so very human. She definitely seems like a real person, not just a fictional character on a TV show.

I don't quite get this whole depressing Bible reading. I don't know if it actually is verse or so from the Bible or just something made to sound like it. The episode is titled "The Book of Abby." But it's rather depressing. Appropriate for her character, but depressing.

I actually like Archie Morris now. He was such a worthless tool when he first came on. But he's rather matured. I trust and like him now. I feel awful for him that Greg died. You can see how hard it's been on him.

Ahhh, classic Abby, awkward and emotionally distant. Cracks me up as she tells Lucian she's leaving.

I've always wondered if this show is actually shot in Chicago. I assume at least part of it is, but I wonder if all of it is. Clearly, I've never cared enough to look it up...

Wow, she's been on 10 years? And what a 10 years it has been! Way to go Abby! Stand up for your bad self!

Here's my consolation. Even if Abby is gone from ER, I'll still have her with me. Both in re-runs and in BECU commercials. I'm pretty sure Maura Tierney narrates them. I haven't confirmed it, but if it's not her, it's her voice-twin.

*sigh* It's still so sad....

I do wish she had dolled up a little more. She looks really pretty with blong highlights and a little makeup. But she only kept that style for a couple seasons.

Preach it Abby! Way to back your girl! Love her chewing out the board. Hahaha. For some reason, I never felt like Abby and Sam had much of a relationship. They seemed to co-exist but not really interact that much.

What a cool wall! I want a picture of it, with all the old locker name plates! I wonder who's been there the longest now. There are some nurses who've been there the whole time, but I can't think of a series regular. Maybe Archie? Weird...

Awwww... Sweet. Abby and Frank dancing.

Archie- I'm right there with you buddy, in your disbelief and sadness.

At least she leave on a smile and a kiss from her big, hunky Croat.

*wailing* Bwaaaa-aaaaaa-aaaaa!!! Why did she have to go?!?!

I love this show.

So there you go. My notes from Abby's final episode. Somethings I remembered later are that on that wall with all the old names, I saw a couple names that I didn't remember as characters, but I did recognize the name. It bugged me until I rememebered that Lydia Woodward was a producer or something on the show, so I would bet that's who the "L. Woodward" is. In fact, the other names (which someone wrote out on another site) are all former producers and a makeup artist. What a nice way to pay homage to them. I wish I could find that picture though...

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