Saturday, January 17, 2009

Sick Jilly, but Mama doesn't mind

The past week has had some days that I don't look forward to as a mother, but I actually kind of enjoy when they come. Jillian has a cold and has been running a fever off and on. You can tell she has a fever, because she gets quite lethargic and subdued and just kinda lays around. At first I thought she was teething (getting those super fun 2nd year molars), because she had a clear runny nose, was chewing on her hands and just a little fever. Then she started having diarrhea, but I was attributing that to too much apple juice. Now I'm convinced she has a cold. The snot has got cloudy and her fever is much more obvious, and the diarrhea isn't going anywhere. Poor kiddo. I always feel bad she doesn't feel well, but honestly, it's not hard to handle.

She has got to be one of the world's easiest kids to deal with when she's sick. She mostly just sleeps and lays around. She is very undemanding, and she loves to cuddle. This is quite a difference for us, because normally she doesn't like being cuddled. When she's sick, it's pretty much all she wants to do. Last night she kept following me into the kitchen (where I was trying to cook dinner and do the dishes) and kept demanding to pbe picked up and held. It melts my heart that she comes to me to make her feel better, to offer some degree of comfort. At the same time, it was hard because I had to keep sending her back to her daddy, because I was busy. I was able to spend quite a bit of time with her though, just chilling on the couch. And I really enjoyed it. I love cuddling my little girl and having her just lay with me and relax, especially when I know she feels like crud.

Today she's spending the day with her daddy and will get some good cuddle time in with him. I'm hoping she gets better fast. But if not, we'll keep giving her Children's Motrin, getting her to drink as many fluids as possible and cuddling the heck out of her. You gotta use these opportunities while you still can, right?

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