Who is this Aimee chick?

So there is a little blurb about me on the side of the blog, but I thought I would take this time to introduce myself more thoroughly.  I am a wife and mother, who grew up in Everett WA, about 30 minutes north of Seattle.  I've lived in the same area my whole life, never more than 25 minutes away from my parents.  I an the oldest of three, with one sister and one brother.  My parents divorced when I was a teenager and my dad passed away when I was 18, during my freshman year of college.  My mom remarried a few years later.  I grew up singing and dancing; I've done Kids Unlimited, ballet, Sunshine Generation, a dance festival, and school and church choirs.  I love love love music.  I have been a practicing Mormon my entire life and am very committed to my faith.

I attended the University of Washington for a couple of years.  At the beginning of my sophomore year, I met this awesome guy named Steve (though he liked to spell it $teve) at church.  We started hanging out, I started crushing on him and tried my 19-year-old best to woo him, but he just wanted to be friends.  A few months later (and after separate relationships for both of us), he wised up and decided I was super cool and he should date me.  (Smart guy.)  Fast forward a few more months, he proposed and in March 2005, we got married.  Since then, we've had three kids, two apartments, a bunch of broken cars, and countless late evenings filled with laughter.  We're more in love every day and have way too much fun.  In a nutshell: we rock.

I have three children and I just love being a mom!  My oldest is my daughter Jillian, born November 2006, then my son Jason, born June 2009, and my youngest is my daughter Kayla, born June 2011.  With three kids under five years old, yes, we have a busy little home.  Through my journey as a mother, I've become fascinated with birth and have studied it quite a bit, so chances are I'll talk about it and link to it quite a bit.  I have worked for a seaplane airline for over 6 years now, sometimes full time, sometimes part time, as a customer service agent (reservations, check-in, flight operations, etc) and working with the online gift shop as well.  I love to watch TV and have a ton of favorite shows.  I've gotten into cake decorating over the past couple years and I am also looking for new hairstyles for my oldest daughter.  I love to shop.

I have big dreams for my life.  I dream of having a minivan, getting my kids into sports & music, buying a house, decorating said house, moving to Texas for at least a few years, having another baby, losing weight, reaching my goal of breastfeeding Kayla for 2 years, going back to school to finish my Bachelor's degree, watching my children grow in their testimonies, going to midwifery school and possibly practicing as a midwife, seeing my kids graduate high school, college, get married, have their own kids, going on a mission with my husband, traveling all over (Croatia, New Zealand, the Caribbean, and more), being really involved with my grandkids, and someday owning and enjoying a super fancy sports car.