Saturday, October 4, 2008

Work whinings

Today we're running into weather issues plus it's a Saturday, which means I am generally grumpy about work. Customers are driving me nuts and I have very little patience with them. And because I'm annoyed, I need a place to vent.

I love it when customers try to lecture me on how my company works. It's hysterical. I've only worked here, at various stations and in multiple positions for 3 1/2 years. What do I know? It especially confuses and annoys me when customers question things that have been the exact same the entire time I've been here.

I get really mad when people start getting mad at me about the weather. It's not like I purposely planned to mess with your vacation and caused this fog or wind just to screw with you! For heaven's sakes. It's not like I want you in my face any more than you want to be here. In fact, I'd probably rather you leave and get away from me more than you want to leave. I genuinely feel bad when people's plans get messed up, but for the last time: it's not my fault there is fog. I didn't do it!

Why bother writing an email back to a company to complain about how long the confirmation email is, when printed? Seriously dudes! If you only need a certain part of it, then use those handy-dandy options in the print menu to select only one page to print. *Rolls eyes*

And I'm sorry, but did I answer the phone saying, "Thank you for calling Aimee's travel agency" ? The answer is NO! This is an airline. We only book flights for our airline. Yes, we do have certain relationships with specific hotels and can book those for you, but we cannot and will not arrange your rental car, your connections in and out of Sea-Tac or call your daughter in Phoenix. So please don't ask me to, and really, don't get mad at me when I can't.

Along those lines, please please please have your stuff together when you call. Chances are we have other customers waiting on hold, and when it takes you three minutes to hunt up your confirmation number or remember where you want to travel or get your passport out of the safe, it makes other people wait even longer and stresses me out. So show some courtesy and have yourself together before you call.

*sigh* Sometimes I just get a little worn out with all the crap we get. It's true what my mom always said (much as I hate to admit it): You'll catch more flies with honey than vinegar. Be calm, and dare I suggest it, flexible, and people will be much more willing to help you, even go above and beyond to do so. If you're rude and mean, then they'll want to get rid of you as fast as possible, either by telling you "Too bad, solve it yourself" or referring you to their mananger, who they've warned that you're a crazy mean old person, so they won't want to help you either. Just a suggestion. ;-)

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Heidi W. said...

Don't you wish sometimes people would remember they had common sense! I hope you don't mind me reading your blogs. I love the pictures of Jilly! Who wouldn't! She is so dang adorable.