Tuesday, October 14, 2008

TV Junkie

It's true. I'm obsessed with TV. I watch it all the time. I have my own little schedule of what I was each day, I have a show for every hour. And I am grateful everyday that we have cable. I would go crazy without it, I think. It was especially useful when Jilly was a newborn and I was up half the night nursing her.

My favorite shows to watch are: ER, Crossing Jordan, Gilmore Girls, CSI: Miami, Without A Trace, A Baby Story, House, Las Vegas, almost anything on E!, Project Runway, Tabatha's Salon Takeover, Nanny 911, Reba, Still Standing, Jeopardy, Friends, Scrubs, and The Simpsons. I can almost always find one of these shows on to watch. It's rather pathetic that I get so invested in them, but hey, I learn something from most of them, or just get pure amusement out of the others.

I love Jon & Kate Plus 8, A Baby Story, and Nanny 911 because I learn about being a mother from them. They cover all sorts of different situations and I like seeing how other people handle things.

Crossing Jordan, Without A Trace and Las Vegas are just fun with a healthy portion of crime/mystery solving. Fascinating characters too. House is the same but with medical mysteries. Plus, it's funny. :-)

Friends, Reba, Scrubs, Still Standing and The Simpsons are just those fun, evening sitcoms that are always running in syndication and I've seen pretty much all the episodes of the first four, and a lot of the last one.

CSI: Miami has got to be one of the best TV shows of our lives. First off, let me explain something very important to you. Contrary to popular belief, marketing campaigns, and network classification, CSI: Miami is NOT a drama. It is a one-hour comedy. In fact, the C does not stand for Crime, it stands for Comedy. This show is affectionately referred to as Comedy Scene Investigation in our house, or the shorter, Comedy Scene. Once you change your perspective to a comedic one, the show becomes amazing! How can you not love Horatio Caine and his sunglasses?! The beginning of the show is always our favorite, when you hear some quippy, possibly ironic or punnish phrase and then it cuts to the scream at the beginning of the theme song. Hilarious!! Calleigh is a sassy and fairly level-headed ballistics expert who is serious about her job, but still a fun girl. Eric Delko is the half Russian, half-Cuban ladies man (though most of the time the Russian thing is forgotten) who always is wearing a flowerly shirt and light pants. He rarely wears a suit. Ryan Wolfe (who we used to call Fake Greg, but now love WAY more) is the former patrol cop turned CSI turned TV reporter turned back CSI. He got shot in the eye with a nail gun, and still manages to look fly in his green shirt and tie with grey suits. ;-) Anyway, the characters actually are friends and work hard at their jobs but are fairly happy people, which means they're funnier. I think they actually care about their boss more and are more of a family. H is a way more charismatic leader than Grissom, he fights for each of his people and for all the victims. He never forgets a criminal, and eventually catches them all. As he said to Clavo Cruz, "In Miami, We. Never. Close." Awesome!

Plus, it is a way prettier show to watch than either of the other two CSIs. They're all dark and gloomy, shot through that awful blue filter. Miami is shot through a yellow filter, resulting in what Entertainment Weekly called "glorious HD porn." (One of my most favorite-ist things ever from that magazine. ;-)) The people are prettier, the stories are glitzier and the locations are flashier. Ooh, and there are most explosions and shoot-outs. It can't get much better than that!

This brings me to ER, perhaps my MOST FAVORITE SHOW EVER!!! I started watching ER when I was in middle school, with my mom. She and I both have a strong interest in all things medical (make sense why she's a nurse practioner and I wanted to be a doctor), so that sucked us in initially. But we stayed for the characters. Doug & Carol! Mark Greene! John Carter! Benton! Elizabeth Corday! Romano! Sam! Luka! ABBY! to name a few. I have favorite episodes of all of these characters. I feel like I know them, like they're family. Now that I watch all the episodes in syndication on TNT as an adult, I get to know them more each time. Hands down, Abby Lockhart is my favorite character EVER on the show. John Carter is next, with Luka right behind, then Mark and Elizabeth. The love stories are the best. All the medical stuff keeps me interested, but I really want to see how they all grow and change. Who gets married, has babies, who dies, who quits, who gets fired, etc. Right now on TNT, we are in the seaons where Carter is in the Congo and knocks up his girlfriend. In a few episodes, we will get to one of the saddest hours of television of all time. I sob every time I see it. So sad. I definitely have my favorite episodes of each season, or multiple episodes. In fact, I started watching the new episodes again on Thursday nights. Poor Steve totally get ditched on Thursday nights. He has to go to bed by himself and I spent a quality hour with John Stamos. ;-)

Add to all this that we watch a healthy amount of ESPN, FSN, and The Soup. We watch a lot of TV. We'll probably change that at some point. For now, I am pretty happy being such a TV junkie. :-D

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Nancy said...

Hey Aimee, I love this blog, you are quite entertaining. I watched ER relgiously from JR High age until they killed off Dr Greene. It just wasn't the same for me after that. I have now adopted Grey's Anatomy. Its definatley worth renting all the old DVDs to get caught up. I also love House. I really love his sarcasim and just contanst bastardism. Is that a word? It should be. Oh, I tagged you on my blog. Check it out to see what I mean. YouNiedUs.blogspot.com