Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Not the shiningest of mornings...

This morning I woke up GRUMPY. Jilly decided that 7:15am was the perfect time to wake up, I disagreed. I tried to bribe her with a sippy cup to give me another hour, and she cried. I let her come lay in my bed, she cried. I threw a pillow at her, she cried. After 30 minutes of fighting it, I gave in, but was rather a bad sport about it. I growled at her and told her to get herself off the bed, while I went to the bathroom. She did so, crying. I think I freaked her out with how upset I was. I'm not usually like that, and almost NEVER in the morning (at least not out loud). Anyway, I then decided that for her safety and my sanity, I would take a shower before making any rash decisions on corporal punishment for a toddler. She got parked on the couch with cereal, a sippy cup and cartoons. She rather enjoyed it. I got my shower, mellowed and decided to take advantage of her fixation on TV and finish the blog about New Mexico.

Awhile later, she got bored with TV and wanted to see what I was up to. She wandered into her room (where the computer was) and mostly amused herself for awhile. I had to keep fighting her to close the desk drawers, but other than that it went okay. Before I knew it, a couple hours had gone by and the room had quite a foul odor. Oops... I was so lost in the blogging world, I spaced out on my baby's basic needs! Dang, I feel like a loser on that one. It got worse. Her pjs were soaked and as I changed her, I found her legs were quite moist, all the way down to her feet. Oh man, I'm a bad mom! Luckily, my child loves baths. So I ran a bubble bath for her, and she happily played in there for another 30 minutes (don't worry I kept a close eye on her).

I ended up spending most of the morning on the computer rather than playing with her. I feel kinda bad about it, but at the same time, I got a lot of stuff done! I figure one day won't kill her. Plus she doesn't seem to have harbored any resentment about it. She was overjoyed with her lunch of chicken nuggets and was quite sweet as I laid her down for a nap. So all's well that ends well, I guess.

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